La Maschera di Cera vs Le Orme?

In somewhat of a prog first, La Maschera di Cera have released a follow-up to an absolute classic of Italian Prog, Le Orme's Felona E Sorona:

"After a decade, four successful albums and concerts played all around the globe, La Maschera di Cera close the circle proposing an album that is the sum of all the Italian Prog homage matter. The band has in fact decided to write the continuation of the “Felona and Sorona” concept (Le Orme, 1973), a record that is unanimously considered a masterpiece, as well as a milestone in the world progressive rock scene.

“Le Porte del Domani” (The Doors of Tomorrow) contains a 45-minute suite in nine parts and is released by AMS Records. The cover artwork has been made by Lanfranco, the same author of the original “Felona and Sorona” painting and who kindly gave the band the permission to use his 1968 opus “Gli Amanti del Sogno” (The Dream’s Lovers).

“Le Porte del Domani” is printed on CD in two different Italian and English versions (the second has also a slightly different mix), on LP, and as a special box containing a litography on plexiglass of Lanfranco’s cover painting, the LP and both CD versions."