Artist: Can
Label: Spoon Records
Catalog#: SPOON 41
Format: CD, VHS, Box Set
Country: United States
Released: 1999
CD1-1 Jynx 16:07
CD1-2 Dizzy Dizzy 7:52
CD1-3 Vernal Equinox 13:04
CD1-4 Fizz 6:18

Composed By, Performer - Rosko Gee

CD1-5 Yoo Doo Right 14:25

Composed By - Malcolm Mooney

CD1-6 Cascade Waltz 4:49

Performer - Rosko Gee

CD2-1 Colchester Finale 37:22
CD2-2 Kata Kong 8:31
CD2-3 Spoon 14:25

Composed By, Performer - Damo Suzuki

VHS-1 Can - Documentary 77:00

Compiled By - Hannes Rossacher
Compiled By - Rudi Dolezal

VHS-2 Can-Free-Concert 53:00

Composed By, Performer - Damo Suzuki


Compiled By - Irmin Schmidt
Compiled By, Engineer [Soundprocessing], Mastered By - Michael Karoli
Composed By, Performer - Holger Czukay
Composed By, Performer - Irmin Schmidt
Composed By, Performer - Jaki Liebezeit
Composed By, Performer - Michael Karoli
Engineer [Soundprocessing], Mastered By - Jono Podmore
Recorded By - Andy Hall


Item I: Music (Live 1971 - 1977)
Track CD1-1 recorded at Giessen - Universität 14/10/75
Track CD1-2 and CD1-3 recorded at Brighton - Sussex University 19/11/75
Track CD1-4 recorded at Keele - University of Keele 2/3/77
Track CD1-5 recorded at Croydon - Greyhound 4/5/75
Track CD1-6 recorded at London - Sound Circus 23/3/77
Track CD2-1 recorded at Colchester - University of Essex 8/5/72
Track CD2-2 recorded at Hatfield - Hatfield Polytechnic 21/11/75
Track CD2-3 recorded at Cologne - Sporthalle 3/2/72
The material for this compilation was taken from cassettes and tapes of non-professional recordings made and/or collected by Andy Hall, friend of Can, without whose devotion this live CD would have been impossible.
Item II: Book
Written by Hildegard Schmidt and Wolf Kampmann.
Translated in Deutsch, English, and Français.
Published by Medium Music Books, Münster.
ISBN 3-933642-01-9
478 pages
Item III: Video
Can documentary produced by DoRo Production.
Concert filmed by Peter Przygodda, live at the Cologne Sporthalle in 1972.

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