Centigrade 232

Artist: Robert Calvert
Label: Voiceprint
Catalog#: VP403 CD
Format: CD
Country: UK
Released: 2007
1 Swing  
2 Ode To A Crystal Set  
3 The First Landing On Medusa  
4 Ode To A Time Flower  
5 Some Sketches Of A Hand  
6 The Starfarer's Despatch  
7 Song Of The Gremlin  
8 The Pause  
9 The Clone's Poem  
10 Centigrade 232  
11 Fahreinheit 451  
12 The Naked And Transparent Man Gives Thanks  
13 Dance Steps  
14 Lines For A Conception Card  
15 Lady With A Looking Glass  
16 The Siren  
17 Buster Keaton And The Virgin Sperm Dancer  
18 Your Time  
19 A Refusal To Mourn The Removal, By Surgery Of Two Benign Tumours  
20 Circle Line  
21 An Unposted Letter  
22 The Clerk  
23 Cleaning A Rapidograph  
24 A Letter Of Complaint To The Council  
25 Fly On The Screen  
26 The Recovery  
27 Nail-Biter  
28 Mountaineering In Suburbia  
29 The Last Kitten  
30 Caterpillar  
31 Snowfall  
32 Insomnia  
33 Storm  
34 Overslept  
35 The Day We Hunted Birdsong  
36 Fountains In The Park  
37 Coots  
38 Shell / Beach Combing  
39 Ragworm In A Rock Pool  
40 Seagulls (For Richard Bach)  
41 Recollections Of A Seaside Love Affair  
42 The Drowned Man  
43 Churchill's Secret Rock Deal  
44 The Red Baron Regrets  
45 John Keates At Margate  
46 Voodoo Child (In Memory Of Jimi Hendrix)  
47 The Legend Of Esra Pound  

Jon Price - Design
Jon Price - Layout
Dallas Simpson - Mastered By
Robert Calvert - Other [Poetry], Voice
John Hughes - Photography By


This is reedition of the Calvert's collection of poems released in 1977 by Quasar Books, and the tapes released in 1986 of the poet reciting his poems.
The poem "Circle Line" was awarded first prize in Capital Radio's London Poetry Competition in May 1975.
This is a limited edition of 500 releases.
It is now presented here in a revised format complete with an audio CD of the author reciting all the poems in the collection.

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