Giant On The Box

Artist: Gentle Giant
Label: Alucard
Catalog#: Alu-gg-03
Format: DVD, CD
Country: United States
Released: 2004
DVD-1 Cogs In Cogs  
DVD-2 Proclamation  
DVD-3 Funny Ways  
DVD-4 The Runaway  
DVD-5 Experience  
DVD-6 Features From Octopus  
DVD-7 Advent Of Panurge  
DVD-8 So Sincere  
DVD-9 Experience  
DVD-10 Features From Octopus  
DVD-11 Advent Of Panurge  
DVD-12 Funny Ways  
DVD-13 Guitar & Drums From ''In A Glass House''  
DVD-14 Baroque & Roll  
DVD-15 Photo Gallery  
CD-1 Cogs In Cogs  
CD-2 Proclamation  
CD-3 Funny Ways  
CD-4 The Runaway  
CD-5 Experience  
CD-6 Features From Octopus  
CD-7 Advent Of Panurge  
CD-8 So Sincere  

Aleph Studio - Design
Dan Barrett - Liner Notes
ZDF - Recorded By


Tracks DVD-1 to DVD-8 from a ''Sunday Concert'' on German television station ZDF.
Tracks DVD-9 to DVD-12 from a ''TV special at the Terrace Theatre, Long Beach, California.''
Track DVD-13 from ''German television station BRW''.
Track DVD-14 from Italian television, featuring live footage and interviews.

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