Golden Section

Artist: Isotope
Label: Cuneiform Records
Catalog#: Rune 273
Format: CD
Country: US
Released: 2008
1 Illusion 4:02
2 Rangoon Creeper 4:43

Laurence Scott - Composed By

3 Attila 6:02
4 Spanish Sun 9:47

Gary Boyle - Composed By
Nigel Morris - Composed By

5 Crunch Cake 5:22

Frank Roberts - Composed By

6 Mr. M's Picture 6:49
7 Frog 5:16
8 Attila 6:11
9 Spanish Sun 6:47

Gary Boyle - Composed By
Nigel Morris - Composed By

10 Lily Kong 1:35
11 Edorian 3:11
12 Golden Section 5:38
13 Illusion 3:13

Bill Ellsworth - Artwork By, Design [CD Design]
Hugh Hopper - Bass
Gary Boyle - Composed By
Hugh Hopper - Composed By
Steven Feigenbaum - Coordinator [Release Coordination], Research [Tape]
Nigel Morris - Drums
Christoph Romanowski - Engineer [Transfer To Digital]
Aureo de Souza - Guest [With], Percussion
Gary Boyle - Guitar
Laurence Scott - Keyboards
Aymeric Leroy - Liner Notes [Liner Notes And Interviews]
Michael King - Mastered By [CD]


Tracks 1-6 were recorded at Post-Aula, Bremen, Germany on May 20, 1975.
Concert produced by Gisela and Volker Steppat for "Sparkasse in concert".
The Radio Bremen recording crew was Peter Schulze, Kietram Koster, Klaus Schumann and Jurgen Kuntze.
Tracks 7-8 were recorded in New York, N.Y., USA, either in late March or early April 1975.
Tracks 9-13 were recorded in London, U.K. on July 23, 1974 and were provided by the Geoff Wall archive.
Tracks 1-6 © 2008 Radio Bremen.
All other material © 2008 Gary Boyle.
℗ 2008 Cuneiform Records
Cuneiform Records would like to thank Gary Boyle, Mark Chapman, Miki Dandy, Hugh Hopper, Michael King, Aymeric Leroy, Nigel Morris, Leonardo Pavkovic, Volker Steppat, Arne Schumacher, Geoff Wall and Stephen Yarwood for their help in making this release possible in this form.

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