Peter Gabriel

Artist: Peter Gabriel
Label: Mercury
Catalog#: SRM-1-3848
Format: Vinyl
Country: US
Released: 1980-05
A1 Intruder 4:54

Phil Collins - Drums, Drum Programming [Drum Pattern]

A2 No Self-Control 3:55

Kate Bush - Backing Vocals
Phil Collins - Drums
Robert Fripp - Guitar [Guitar-burst]

A3 Start 1:21
A4 I Don't Remember 4:41

Tony Levin - Chapman Stick
Dave Gregory - Guitar
Robert Fripp - Guitar

A5 Family Snapshot 4:28

Dave Gregory - Guitar
Phil Collins - Percussion [Snare]

A6 And Through The Wire 5:00

Paul Weller - Guitar

B1 Games Without Frontiers 4:06

Kate Bush - Backing Vocals
Jerry Marotta - Percussion
Larry Fast - Synthesizer [Synthesized Bass]
Peter Gabriel - Synthesizer [Synthesized Bass]
Hugh Padgham - Whistling
Peter Gabriel - Whistling
Steve Lillywhite - Whistling

B2 Not One Of Us 5:22

Robert Fripp - Guitar
Jerry Marotta - Percussion

B3 Lead A Normal Life 4:14
B4 Biko 7:32

Peter Gabriel - Drum Programming [Drum Pattern]
Phil Collins - Surdo
Larry Fast - Synthesizer [Synthesized Bagpipes]
David Ferguson - Vocals [Screeches]


Hipgnosis - Artwork
David Rhodes - Backing Vocals
Peter Gabriel - Backing Vocals
John Giblin - Bass
Larry Fast - Computer [Processing]
Jerry Marotta - Drums
Hugh Padgham - Engineer
David Rhodes - Guitar
Ian Cooper - Mastered By
Morris Pert - Percussion
Peter Gabriel - Piano
Steve Lillywhite - Producer
Larry Fast - Producer [Electronic Production]
George Chambers - Recorded By [Assistant]
Marlis Duncklau - Recorded By [Assistant]
Nick Thomas - Recorded By [Assistant]
Steve Prestage - Recorded By [Assistant]
Dick Morrissey - Saxophone
Larry Fast - Synthesizer
Peter Gabriel - Synthesizer
Peter Gabriel - Vocals


This release is the third self-titled Peter Gabriel album, and is thus informally known as both 3 and Melt (due to the cover artwork).
Contains insert.

Strawberry Bricks Entry: 
Hints at Peter Gabriel's new musical direction came to light in February 1980, with the release of the single, "Games without Frontiers" b/w "Start/ I Don't Remember." Recorded with the album the previous summer, the title is a reference to the UK game show Jeux Sans Frontières. The single was well received, reaching No. 4 in the UK and No. 48 in the US. But the album, again titled Peter Gabriel, was even more successful, topping the UK chart and rising to No. 22 in the US—where it was released by Mercury Records, after being rejected by Atco Records! As the opening track "Intruder" attests, the new direction is nothing short of revolutionary. Built on a drum pattern played by Phil Collins, it's the first example of the now-legendary "gated reverb drum sound" that would define 80s rock production. Obviously, Gabriel made some crucial choices in enlisting the services of producer Steve Lillywhite and engineer Hugh Padgham to create this "new" sound. To say that Gabriel breaks ground here is an understatement; he offers an entirely new take on the progressive, one rooted in a new, modern aesthetic. Cymbal-less, angular and decidedly forward-looking, the tracks rely more on the technology used to construct them for their identity, than with traditional composition or performance. Gabriel's subject matter is darker too—whether self-evident on a track like "Family Snapshot," or more oblique, as on "No Self-Control" and "Games without Frontiers." "I Don't Remember" features Tony Levin's massive Chapman stick (his only contribution to the album), while "Not One of Us" bounces over John Giblin's nimble bass. The album ends with "Biko," a moving tribute to the South African anti-apartheid martyr. It also points to another significant chunk of Gabriel's new direction: world music. In parallel to his music career, he would dedicate significant effort and resources to his Real World Studios and label. Again, he went on a successful tour (dubbed China 1984) to support the album, with guitarist David Rhodes now part of his band. Also, in a somewhat novel marketing move, Gabriel released the album entirely sung in German, as Ein Deutsches Album.
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