Pressure Points

Artist: Camel
Label: Decca
Catalog#: SKL 5338
Format: Vinyl
Country: United Kingdom
Released: 1984
A1 Pressure Points 7:07
A2 Drafted 3:43
A3 Captured 2:48
A4 Lies 5:09
A5 Sasquatch 4:08
B1 West Berlin 5:20
B2 Fingertips 4:26
B3 Wait 4:13
B4 Rhayader 3:17
B5 Rhayader Goes To Town 5:17

Info on a sticker on the cover:
SKL 5338
NOTE: we regret that, due to a
production error, the label of
Side 2 refers to the tracks on
Side 1 wilst the label on
Side 1 refers to the tracks on
Side 2.

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