Reconstructed Artifacts

Artist: Synergy
Label: Voiceprint, Third Contact
Catalog#: VP272CD, 3CR 1010
Format: CD
Country: United States
Released: 2002
1 Relay Breakdown 6:50

originally recorded January, 1975 for Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra

2 Warriors 12:43

originally recorded January, 1975 for Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra

3 S-Scape 6:10

originally recorded January, 1976 for Sequencer

4 Orbit 5 0:58
5 Ancestors 5:34

originally recorded March, 1981 for Audion

6 Flight Of The Looking Glass 3:36

originally recorded February, 1981 for Audion

7 North River 1:22
8 Steam And Steel Towers 6:16
9 Metropolitan Theme 4:10

Tracks 7-9 originally recorded September 1986 for Metropolitan Suite

10 Into The Abyss 8:16

originally recorded October, 1986 for Metropolitan Suite


Production & Engineering, Performance and Programming by Larry Fast for SYNERGY® Electronic Music, Inc.
All compositions written by Larry Fast and published by Semiconductor Music Publishing (ASCAP)
Most tracks were recorded January 2 through February 12, 2002 at the Synergy Studio on the edge of the Great Swamp, Morris County, New Jersey. "Flight of the Looking Glass" was recorded live on tour, May 2000.


Sounds were programmed on instruments manufactured by Kurzweil, E-mu Systems and Roland Corporation; software instruments by BitHeadz. Mellotron samples from the original instruments were reproduced using a Kurzweil K2000. Principal MIDI and audio recording was done with Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer™. MIDI and audio interfaces by Mark of the Unicorn. Final editing and mastering was completed in BIAS Peak™. DSP plug-ins for recording and mastering provided by Waves, Ltd. CD replication masters were created using Digidesign® MasterList CD™. Apple® Computer, Inc. Macintosh™ computers were used exclusively in creating this recording and artwork.
Antique Edison voltmeter and early 20th Century electrical catalog images from Larry Fast's technology artifacts collection. Digital photography, photo manipulations and design by LF.

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