Still Life

Artist: Van Der Graaf Generator
Label: Mercury
Catalog#: SRM-1-1096
Format: Vinyl
Country: United States
Released: 1976
A1 Pilgrims 7:03
A2 Still Life 7:19
A3 La Rossa 9:42
B1 My Room (Waiting For Wonderland) 7:51
B2 Childlike Faith In Childhood's End 12:19

Drums, Percussion - Guy Evans
Organ, Bass Pedal, Guitars, Mellotron, Piano - Hugh Banton
Saxophones (alto, Tenor, Soprano), Flute - David Jackson
Vocals, Guitars, Piano - Peter Hammill


Comes with Mercury's promotional inner sleeve b/w a "Buyers' Bulletin" containing a warning against home taping.

Strawberry Bricks Entry: 
Van der Graaf Generator spent most of 1975 on the road, completing tours of both England and Europe. Then the band entered the studio in January 1976 for a few weeks to quickly complete Still Life, in what would be one of the band's most balanced and enduring records. It is a bit of an understatement to call Peter Hammill's prose here merely lyrics; he explores love, life and the meaning of it all with enough depth to sink a black hole; his powerful and direct vocal delivery is up front in the mix throughout the album. Of course, the music is perfectly suited: complex, engaging and, foremost, it never fails to rock. "Pilgrims" remains the anthem and "Still Life" the hymn; the band's forthright message is concisely delivered over Guy Evans's crisp drumming and Hugh Banton's shimmering organ. In fact, the album is a showcase for Banton's considerable talent and the organ's classic tone, here offered from the Hammond C3 with a Leslie cabinet. The opening notes of "La Rossa" belie the ferocity to come. VdGG literally blast through the song, one of their finest on record, monkey and all. "My Room (Waiting for Wonderland)" slows the pace, with Hammill retreating to a more sympathetic vocal, while "Childlike Faith in Childhood's End" remains a favorite of the band to this day. Like "La Rossa," it charges through its different movements, with the band trailblazing right to the end. VdGG played another John Peel Session after the album's release; but instead of immediately hopping on another tour, VdGG entered Rockfield Studios to record their third album in just over a year's time.
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