Artist: Weidorje
Label: Cobra
Catalog#: COB 37014
Format: Vinyl
Country: France
Released: 1978
A Elohims Voyage 16:23

Bernard Paganotti - Written-By

B1 Vilna 12:15

Patrick Gauthier - Written-By

B2 Booldemug 7:05

Patrick Gauthier - Written-By


Bernard Paganotti - Bass, Vocals
Kirt Rust - Drums
Michel Ettori - Guitar
Jean-Philippe Goude - Keyboards
Patrick Gauthier - Keyboards
Frédéric Leibovitz - Producer
Laurent Thibault - Recorded By
Christophe Bonno - Recorded By [Assistance]
Alain Guillard - Saxophone
Yvon Guillard - Trumpet, Vocals

Strawberry Bricks Entry: 
Formed in 1977, Weidorje included the talents of keyboardist Patrick Gauthier from Heldon and bassist Bernard Paganotti from Magma. They were joined by several other luminaries from the French music scene: keyboardist Jean-Philippe Goude, guitarist Michel Ettori, drummer Kirt Rust and brothers Alain and Yvon Guillard on sax and trumpet, respectively. While Magma was recording Üdü Wüdü, Gauthier and Paganotti split off to form the band Weidorje as an outlet for their own compositions. Kobaïan for "celestial wheel," the song "Weidorje" had appeared on Üdü Wüdü; and coming full circle to this album, Klaus Blasquiz even provided the album's art. Released on the Cobra label in 1978, Weidorje contains three tracks. Side one is encompassed by Paganotti's "Elohims Voyage," its title the Hebrew word for "gods." From the opening crashes, there's little doubt of the band's connection to Magma; however, propelled by Paganotti's thundering bass and an electrifying guitar riff from Ettori, the track winds across the vinyl with both beauty and beast. With scat vocals and pounding drums from Rust, the track is one heavy and hypnotizing monster. The second side contains Gauthier's compositions. "Vilna," named after the Lithuanian city, is a highlight. A percolating electric piano sets up the static Magma-esque groove, yet the band fires on all cylinders, with the Guillard brothers' horns providing depth to the arrangement. The ensuing "Booldemug" sports a frenetic yet enthralling pace. Merit aside, the album also serves as an opportunity to see a Christian Vander-less take on the music of greater Magma, or "zeuhl." Weidorje played sporadically over the next year, weathering the departure of Ettori; but without a record label, morale was low. And after a particularly disastrous gig in Spain, Paganotti threw in the towel, and the band subsequently folded. Yet solo albums from Goude (Drones 1980) and Gauthier (Bébé Godzilla 1981) employed most of the Weidorje cast, while Paganotti's 1985 release Paga also would contain Weidorje material.
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