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From heavy metal prodigies to prog rockers, Opeth are peerless among current rock bands.

Founded: 1990

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Website: Opeth - Official Website - Home

Reichel, Achim

One of Germany's most legendary musicians, Achim Reichel's career started in 1960 with The Rattles, one of the countries first beat-era bands. The 70s saw him delve into the progressive music scene, first as A.R. & Machines, and then later as a record producer. Reichel's long and successful career as a solo artist started in 1976 with an album of seafaring songs, appropriately enough for the Hamburg native.

Founded: 1944

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Website: Achim Reichel



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Canada's finest sons. From their early days copping Led Zep riffs, through the kimono "prog" era, and onto mainstream acceptance and platinum success in the 80s, Rush has defied all odds, remaining true to their spirit, music and fans.

Founded: 1969

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Website: Rush | HOME

Sound Of Contact

Reprising his father's roles with Genesis, Sound Of Contact is Simon Collins' new project with Dave Kerzner, Kelly Nordstrom and Matt Dorsey. After a cancelled US tour, their future seems tenuous at best.

Founded: 2012

Location: Miami, Florida

Website: Sound of Contact | New Band Project from Simon Collins

Tangent, The

Formed by ex-Parallel or 90 Degrees men Andy Tillison and Guy Manning, The Tangent has featured many lineups, mostly with members of the Swedish bands Flower Kings and Beardfish.

Founded: 2003

Location: Otley, West Yorkshire

Website: The Tangent.org

Van Der Graaf Generator

Led by the indefatigable Peter Hammill, perhaps the most original and significant group of the era; even "without the capes". Hammill is a complicated character, and so then is Van Der Graaf Generator: one moment placid and sympathetic, the next fierce and chaotic. His lyrics border the depth of literature, while his music, epic in nature, benefited from the band's original arrangements.

Founded: 1968

Location: London, England

Website: Van Der Graaf Generator