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Art Bears

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Post-Henry Cow project from Fred Frith and Chris Cutler, featuring the insufferable vocals of Dagmar Krause.

Founded: 1978

Location: London, England

Website: rio/bears/frith

Arthur Brown Arthur & Vincent Crane

Believe it or not, but Klaus Schulze is responsible for this!

Founded: 1979

Location: London, England


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Asia marked a new dawn in the era of progressive music.

Founded: 1980

Location: London, England

Website: Original Asia | The Original Asia Web Site


Atomic Rooster

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Always driven by Vincent Crane's keyboards, Atomic Rooster road a firm line between the hard and progressive. Crane and drummer Carl Palmer, first together in Arthur Brown's band, made one album before Palmer was off to ELP. The band hit their stride however after John DuCann and Paul Hammond joined. They released two albums in 1971, with vocalist Pete French joining for In Hearing of, generally regarded as their best. That didn't last, as the band was always beset with personnel changes.

Founded: 1969

Location: London, England

Website: Atomic Rooster - A History Of... by Jeannie Crane


Combining the talents of Howard Werth on vocals and acoustic guitar and Keith Gemmell on saxophone, with the rhythm section of Trevor Williams and Tony Connor, Audience's second album (first on Charisma) will appeal to most fans of progressive rock.

Founded: 1969

Location: London, England

Website: Audience are back

Auger, Brian & The Trinity

One of London's original rock organists, Brian Auger's early career included work with Steampacket and Julie Driscoll.

Founded: 1939

Location: Hammersmith, London, England

Website: - Brian Auger

Axis Point

Charlie Whitney's post-Streetwalkers group, with Eddie Hardin and Charlie McCraken.

Founded: 1978

Location: London, England

Ayers, Kevin

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The Original Mr. Cool. An original on the Canterbury Scene, Kevin Ayers spent the 60s with Wilde Flowers and Soft Machine before retiring to the comforts of Deià, Mallorca. Coaxed away by Peter Jenner, Ayers recorded a quartet of albums for Harvest label, beginning with the amazing Joy of a Toy. His band, the Whole Wide World, comprised of David Bedford, Lol Coxhill and Mike Oldfield, among many other luminaries, but his work was strictly pop, albiet one combined with an absurdist's sense of humor.

Founded: 1944

Location: Herne Bay, England

Website: Kevin Ayers


Ex Yes members featured in the first incarnation of the band. Their debut album, recorded live while supporting Yes, has a slight christian slant to the lyrics. Second album saw the arrival of Jackie Lomax. Recorded in New Orleans with Allen Toussaint the album has ditched the progressive for a very soulful approach.

Founded: 1971

Location: London, England


Originally called the Bakerloo Blues Line, Dave "Clem" Clempson, Terry Poole and Keith Baker released one album of blues rock for Harvest. Also of note was their "Drivin' Bachwards", an earlier version of Bach's Bourree in E minor than the more famous one recorded by Jethro Tull.

Founded: 1967