Gary Boyle's jazz-rock fusion band.

Founded: 1972

Location: London, England

Website: Gary Boyle On Myspace

Jack Lancaster And Robin Lumley

A precursor to Brand X

Founded: 1976

Location: London, England

John Etheridge interview on Jazzwise

From the UK Jazzwise website:
"AJ Dehany caught up with Soft Machine’s John Etheridge and spoke to him about his formative fretboard influences and approaches to guitar playing, as well as penetrating the complex chronology and politics of the ongoing Softs saga."

John Goodsall, RIP

Another dose of sad news, guitarist John Goodsall of Brand X fame, passed away today. This is from Percy Jones (Facebook): "To all Brand X Fans Together John and I were the legacy of Brand X. We traveled through lots of musical spaces over the years, steering our troubled band through the twists and turns of the music business and it's trolls. I want to thank all our fans for supporting us throughout our creative dreams. As the last torch bearer of the soul of Brand X I will do my best to honour John and the spirit of our band." My condolences to his family and friends.



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Happiest band from Germany. When will the "jam band" audience find them?

Founded: 1970

Location: Berlin, Germany

Website: Homepage der Band Kraan

Leb i Sol

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Featuring the guitar work of Vlatko Stefanowski, the Macedonian based Leb i Sol ("bread and salt") were one of Yugoslavia's best known fusion groups.

Founded: 1976

Location: Skopje, Macedonia, Yugoslavia

Website: lebisolofficial.com


One of the many amazing albums recorded by Conny Plank during the 1970s. This one included members of Kraan, Harmonia and a young Asmus Tietchens.

Founded: 1977

Location: Germany

Mahavishnu Orchestra

Founded by guitarist John McLaughlin after his stint with Tony Williams Lifetime, Mahavishnu were perhaps the most successful fusion band, both artistically and commercially.

Founded: 1971

Location: New York City, New York

Malherbe, Didier

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Aka Bloom-Dido Bad-de-Grass, Didier Malherbe's post-Gong work included the vastly underrated fusion outfit Bloom, before continuing into the 80s on a world-fusion path, which included work with Zao's François "Faton" Cahen and in Hadouk, with Loy Ehrlich.

Founded: 1942

Location: Paris, France


Missus Beastly

Missus Beastly had two distinct eras during their existence; the first early one produced their debut, an album of atypical psychedelic rock for its time, and the second a much more promising fusion sound similar to Embryo.

Founded: 1968

Location: Herford, Germany