Moraz Bruford

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Collaboration between two one-time Yes members.

Founded: 1983

Location: London, England


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Expatriate Italian fusion outfit, led by Elio D'Anna and brothers Rustici all ex Osanna. Recorded their first album at Pete Townsend's Eel Pie studios, and were joined by Percy Jones and Narada Michael Walden for their second, which saw international release. Renato Rosset, ex New Trolls Atomic System, replaced Rustici brother Danilo. For their third and fourth album, Nova picked up the rhythm section of Ric Parnell and Barry Johnson. Their high energy fusion gradually matured into some rather soulful and sophisticated pop by their final album, Sun City, released in 1978.

Founded: 1975

Location: London, England

Website: Corrado Rustici


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Klaus Doldinger's fusion outfit, heralding some of Germany's finest musicians, including drummer Curt Cress.

Founded: 1971

Location: Munich, Germany

Website: Klaus Doldinger and Passport


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Featuring namesake Mike Patto on vocals and Ollie Halsall on guitar along with the rhythm section of Clive Griffiths and John Halsey, Patto began when the members of Deram-signed Timebox signed with Vertigo Records. Their debut album was produced by Muff Winwood, but despite the pedigree, success would remain elusive for this blistering live act. Halsall and Patto would later form Boxer with Tony Newman and Keith Ellis, while Halsey and Halsall would become Rutles.

Founded: 1970

Location: London, England

Website: Patto and Timebox Fan Site

Perigeo, Il

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Hailing from Rome, Perigeo was one of Italy's finest fusion bands.

Founded: 1971

Location: Rome, Italy

Pierre Moerlen's Gong

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Gong gone fusion

Founded: 1976

Location: Strasbourg, France

Progtoberfest IV

Reggie's Rock Club will host the fourth edition of Progtoberfest beginning on October 18th (pre-party with Chicago-based Porcupine Tree tribute Cloud Zero, District 97 and Ugly Radio Rebellion with Ike Willis) and running through Sunday, with FM and Soft Machine headlining, and Chicago's Lovely Little Girls and a special performance of Bill Bruford's One Of A Kind album! I'll be there selling books, stop by and enjoy a few great nights of music in Chicago!

RIP Jon Hiseman

From his early days with Graham Bond and John Mayall, Jon Hiseman went on to lead Colosseum and Tempest to the heights of jazz-rock. He later worked with his wife Barbara Thompson, and most recently reunited with Clem Clempson and Mark Clarke in JCM. My condolences to his family and friends.

Rustici, Corrado

Italian guitarist was just 17 when he became a member of Cervello. By the mid 70s, with brother Danilo of Ossana fame, he started fusion band Nova. The 80s saw Rustici move to the USA for a prolific career as a session musician, and eventually a producer. His production work since that time includes some of Italy's finest musicians, such as Zucchero, Elisa, PFM and Negramaro. His solo works are top-flight fusion records, highlighting both his songwriting and considerable guitar technique.

Founded: 1957

Location: Naples, Italy

Website: Corrado Rustici

Schmid, Wolfgang

Bassist best known for his work with Klaus Doldinger's Passport, and Head, Heart & Hands.

Founded: 1948

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Website: Musician, Pop, Jazz, Music - Wolfgang Schmid