Who, The

From their beginnings as a r&b-influenced singles band with a Mod image, The Who quickly rose to the very top of England's rock elite by sheer virtue of their live performances. Along the way they penned many anthems that would reign in the classic rock cannon. But of interest to the progressive fan are two concept albums penned (like everything else) by guitarist Pete Townsend: 1969's Tommy and 1973's Quadrophenia. The former, very overshadowed by the bloated film version, remains a gem of the psychedelic era, while the later is in a category all by itself.

Founded: 1964

Location: London, England

Website: The Who's Official Website

Wilde Flowers, The

The genesis of the Canterbury scene lay within the ranks of The Wilde Flowers; Ayers, Sinclairs, Hoppers, Coughlan, Hastings, and Wyatt all start here.

Founded: 1964

Location: Canterbury, England

Winwood, Steve

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From Spencer Davis, to Traffic, to Blind Faith, back to Traffic, Go, and then on to a very successful solo carrer, few musicians have the resume of multi-instrumentalist Steve Winwood. A genuine legend of the progressive era.

Founded: 1948

Location: Handsworth, Birmingham, England

Website: Home : Steve Winwood


Frank Dostal and Achim Reichel's post-Rattles band scored a series of singles in the late 60s, and produced one strange album as Wonderland Band.

Founded: 1968

Location: Hamburg, Germany


Wright, Rick

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Keyboard player and legend for Pink Floyd. Formed Zee in the early 80s with vocalist Dave Harris from the new wave group Fashion.

Founded: 1943

Location: Hatch End, Middlesex, England

Website: The Richard Wright Archives | Richard Wright, Pink Floyd, Rick WrightThe Richard Wright Archives


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Nothing defines the good and back of Prog Rock other than Yes. From their striking early albums and genre-defining middle era, through to the chart-topping 80s best sellers, the band has -- in one form or another -- continued for five decades.

Founded: 1968

Location: London, England

Website: YesWorld: The YES Online Service

Zappa, Frank

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The one, the only.

Founded: 1940

Location: Los Angeles, California

Website: Zappa.com

Zombies, The

One of England's earliest and most creative bands, they found their biggest success posthumously.

Founded: 1961

Location: St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England

Website: The Zombies : Official Website