Banks, Tony

Genesis keyboardist and composer

Founded: 1950

Location: East Hoathly, East Sussex, England

Barclay James Harvest

Musically, not far off the map from the Moody Blues, Barclay James Harvest led a very long and prolific career releasing mildly progressive music.

Founded: 1967

Location: Oldham, Lancashire, England

Website: Barclay James Harvest

Barrett, Syd

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Roger Keith Barrett, founding member and primary songwriter of the early Pink Floyd, was a pioneer in the London Underground and perhaps the ultimate psychedelic hipster. Following his release from Pink Floyd in 1968, Barrett would eventually record two solo albums in the early 70s with the help of his former bandmates. His tragic demise, due in part to excessive use of acid, created the mythology of the drug-addled rock star. Look however to his recordings for his sheer genius.

Founded: 1946

Location: Cambridge, England

Website: Syd Barrett | The Official Website of Syd Barrett

Battiato, Franco

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One of the few "solo" artists from Italy, Sicilian Battiato has a long career, featuring his original and idiosyncratic music. His first two albums should appeal most to progressive music fans, however Sulle Corde di Aries and Clic are even more rewarding; Battiato employs musique concrete techniques to create a unique pastiche. The pair were compiled for international release by Island in 1974. At the time, Battiato performed as series of concerts in London, however an auto accident brought a premature return to Italy.

Founded: 1945

Location: Jonia, Catania, Sicily

Website: Franco Battiato | Official Website

Baumann, Peter

Member of Tangerine Dream's classic lineup, Peter Baumann emigrated to the US, where he went on to become a great producer and label-head of Private Music. He is currently the founder and director of The Baumann Foundation, a San Francisco-based think-tank on the human condition

Founded: 1953

Location: Berlin, Germany

Bedford, David

Classical music composer best known for his work with Kevin Ayers and Mike Oldfield.

Founded: 1937

Location: London, England

Website: David Bedford - Impulse

Beggars Opera

Founded: 1969

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Website: Beggars Opera

Biglietto per l'Inferno

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Another classic of Italian Prog, Biglietto per L'Inferno (Ticket to Hell) recorded two albums, however only the first was released. Giuseppe Banfi would later record as Baffo Banfi for Klaus Schulze's IC label.

Founded: 1972

Location: Lecco, Lombardy, Italy

Website: Biglietto per l'Inferno - Official Site

Blake, Tim

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Aka Hi T. Moonweed, Tim Blake is best known as Gong's synthesizer player. His post-Gong work saw him working with light-artist Patrice Warrener, and later with French musician Jean-Philippe Rykiel. Tim was part of the Ladbroke Grove scene that spawned Hawkwind, although it wasn't until 1979 before he first worked with that band. Tim still performs with Hawkwind today.

Founded: 1952

Location: London, England

Website: TIM BLAKE- official website, Moonweed,Crystal Machine,Gong,Hawkwind,Chromolithe