"I" Bands

Namesort icon Founded Country
Ibis 1974 Another off-shoot of the New Trolls. Italy
Ibliss 1971 Former Organisation member Basil Hammoudi and one-time Kraftwerk drummer Andreas Hohmann formed this group, who under the tutelage of Conny Plank, released one album before calling it quits. Germany
Ikarus 1971 Hamburg band led by Jochen Petersen released one album of superb progressive rock. Germany
Illusion 1976 Mark I Renaissance reformed in the mid-70s for a couple of albums. United Kingdom
Incredible String Band, The 1966 Fronted by Mike Heron and Robin Williamson, The Incredible String Band were one of the earliest folk bands to incorporate psychedelic music into their sound. Massively influential, the band were a major live attraction. United Kingdom
Inner City Unit 1979 "Punkadelic acid rockers"? Musically defying all description, Inner City Unit remains one of the most unique offshots to the Hawkwind family tree. Founded by Hawkwind's Nik Turner, ICU combined the talents of Dead Fred... United Kingdom
Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet (Tropical Version Brazil) 1993 Brazilian version, led by guitarist Fabio Golfetti, with Renato Mello on keyboards and Claudio Souza on drums. See Violeta De Outno Brasil
Island 1977 British-influenced prog rock band from Switzerland released one fantastic album, produced by Claudio Fabi. Switzerland
Isotope 1972 Gary Boyle's jazz-rock fusion band. United Kingdom