"L" Bands

Namesort icon Founded Country
La Düsseldorf 1975 Brothers Klaus und Thomas Dinger, along with Hans Lampe founded La Düsseldorf following the dissolution of Neu!. There records were highly successful in their native Germany, reputedly selling over a million copies. Germany
Lake, Greg 1947 Singer and bassist for King Crimson MK 1, and then on to prog supergroup Emerson Lake & Palmer. Incredibly sappy solo albums defy description. United Kingdom
Lard Free 1970 Founded by drummer Gilbert Artman, Lard Free was similar to Richard Pinhas' Heldon; French, unconventional, experimental, but, incredulously, a rock band. Later albums would draw parallels to the cosmic side of the... France
Latte E Miele 1971 Classically-inspired prog trio from Genoa. Italy
Leb i Sol 1976 Featuring the guitar work of Vlatko Stefanowski, the Macedonian based Leb i Sol ("bread and salt") were one of Yugoslavia's best known fusion groups. Yugoslavia
Led Zeppelin 1968 It is impossible to underestimate the impact of the early Zeppelin recordings. United Kingdom
Lees, John 1947 Founding member of Barclay James Harvest, Lees' lone solo album was recorded in 1972. United Kingdom
Libra 1973 Libra's beginnings were typical enough; their debut album was recorded by Claudio Fabi, in both English and Italian. But after a tour supporting Banco, they packed up and moved to Detriot, Michigan and signed with... Italy
Liliental 1977 One of the many amazing albums recorded by Conny Plank during the 1970s. This one included members of Kraan, Harmonia and a young Asmus Tietchens. Germany
Livgren, Kerry 1949 The songwriter of Kansas, and member of Proto-Kaw United States
Locanda Delle Fate 1976 Latter-day symphonic band from Asti, Locanda Delle Fate ("The Fairy Inn") released one highly-regarded album. Italy
Long Hello, The 1973 Van Der Graaf Generator, sans Peter Hammill United Kingdom
Lucifer's Friend 1970 Ostensibly a studio group, Lucifer's Friend debut album is a standard of heavy rock for the 70s, while their second effort is there most progressive. Later albums drifted towards hard rock. Germany