Band/Artist Bio
Agents of Mercy

Led by Roine Stolt and Nad Sylvan, Agents of Mercy music also feature Jonas Reingold and Lalle Larsson from Karmakanic.


Almost single-handedly, Anglagard reinvigorated the prog rock genre with their 1992 debut Hybris.

Hansson & Karlsson

Organ/drum duo from Sweden, Hansson & Karlsson were early jazz-rock pioneers. Despite having Jimi Hendrix as fan and jam partner, recordings were near-impossible to find outside their native country. Hansson would later achieve international success as a solo artist.

Hansson, Bo

Known for his musical interpretations of classic fiction works, Bo Hansson was an early virtuoso on the Hammond organ.


Named after a Swedish stone age chieftain, Kaipa were founded by keyboardist Hans Lundsun and bassit Tomas Eriksson in 1973. Guitarist Roine Stolt, though only a teenager at the time, was an original member.


From heavy metal prodigies to prog rockers, Opeth are peerless among current rock bands.

Samla Mammas Manna

Zappa-influenced band from Sweden were leading component of the Rock In Opposition movement. Samla's albums were a mix of fusion, musicianship and humor.


Named after the portmanteau in Genesis' "Dancing in the Moonlight Knight, Unifaun began as "musical time travelling" between multi-instrumentalist Nad Sylvan and keyboardist Bonamici (Christian Thordin) to "write the songs Genesis never did". On every level, they succeded.

von Zamla

Yet another morph of Samla Mammas Manna, this one led by Lars Hollmer and guitarist Eino Haapala.

Zamla Mammaz Manna

Samla Mammas Manna reformed in 1977 to release a few albums.