Band/Artist Bio
Acqua Fragile

Hailing from Parma, Acqua Fragile were a British-inspired progressive rock band, complete with English-language lyrics. Aided by PFM's management, the band opened for many UK groups touring Italy. Their second album saw release in the United States, however with a few personal changes, including the addition of the Trip's Joe Vescovi on keyboards and the departure of vocalist Berndardo Lanzetti to PFM, the band split.


Relatively unknown Italian band released one eponymous album of excellent quality before dissolving. Second release is incomplete (no vocals).


Self proclaimed "International POPular Group", Area were Italy's finest fusion band, featuring the unique vocals talents of Demetrio Stratos.

Arti & Mestieri

Led by drummer Furio Chirico (formerly of The Trip), keyboardist Beppe Crovella, and composer Gigi Venegoni, Arti e Mestieri were one of Italy's finest progressive rock bands. Their debut album Tilt is an undisputed classic.

Balletto di Bronzo, Il

Led by Gianni Leone, the band's second album stands as one of the finest and darkest prog rock albums from Italy.

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso

One of the great (and original) Italian prog bands, propelled by the keyboards of brothers Noncenzi and the tenor voice of Di Giacomo.

Battiato, Franco

One of the few "solo" artists from Italy, Sicilian Battiato has a long career, featuring his original and idiosyncratic music. His first two albums should appeal most to progressive music fans, however Sulle Corde di Aries and Clic are even more rewarding; Battiato employs musique concrete techniques to create a unique pastiche. The pair were compiled for international release by Island in 1974. At the time, Battiato performed as series of concerts in London, however an auto accident brought a premature return to Italy. Later albums had more to do with 20th Century minimalists, and an acknowledged influence of Stockhausen. Battiato changed musical course at the end of the 70s, which brought him into the Italian charts.

Biglietto per l'Inferno

Another classic of Italian Prog, Biglietto per L'Inferno (Ticket to Hell) recorded two albums, however only the first was released. Giuseppe Banfi would later record as Baffo Banfi for Klaus Schulze's IC label.

Castello di Atlante, Il

Although formed in 1974, Il Castello Di Atlante did not release any albums until the early 1990s. Beppe Crovella of Arti & Mestieri produced their first record, and the band continues strong as a potent live act today.


Relatively obscure group from Sanremo that released one eponymous album in 1976. Considered a classic, it was released on the Grog label.


Corrado Rustici's first band, brother of Danilo Rustici of Osanna.

Cherry Five

The precursor to Goblin, Cherry Five spent time in London prior to recording their first and only album.

Città Frontale

The mother of all "Neopolitan" prog bands, Città Frontale was the precursor to Osanna and Balletto di Bronzo. Their eponymous record was recorded in the mid-70s.

Falsini, Franco

Franco Falsini is best known as the founder of Sensations' Fix, but in the 80s he fronted a few disco/new wave outfits, most notably Electra, and with his brother Riccardo, The Antennas.


Quartet from Rome, Goblin are best known for their soundtracks to Dario Argento's horror classics.


Another off-shoot of the New Trolls.

Latte E Miele

Classically-inspired prog trio from Genoa.


Libra's beginnings were typical enough; their debut album was recorded by Claudio Fabi, in both English and Italian. But after a tour supporting Banco, they packed up and moved to Detriot, Michigan and signed with Motown Records. Strange bedfellows, indeed!

Locanda Delle Fate

Latter-day symphonic band from Asti, Locanda Delle Fate ("The Fairy Inn") released one highly-regarded album.

Maschera Di Cera, La

Led by Fabio Zuffanti, La Maschera di Cera lead the new wave of Italian progressives.


Milan-based band had their eponymous album also released in the USA, with English lyrics.

Museo Rosenbach

Another band from the province of Liguria, Museo Rosenbach released one exemplary album of Italian prog before disbanding.

New Trolls

Perhaps Italy's greatest prog band?

New Trolls Atomic System

Off-shoot of the New Trolls.


Expatriate Italian fusion outfit, led by Elio D'Anna and brothers Rustici all ex Osanna. Recorded their first album at Pete Townsend's Eel Pie studios, and were joined by Percy Jones and Narada Michael Walden for their second, which saw international release. Renato Rosset, ex New Trolls Atomic System, replaced Rustici brother Danilo. For their third and fourth album, Nova picked up the rhythm section of Ric Parnell and Barry Johnson. Their high energy fusion gradually matured into some rather soulful and sophisticated pop by their final album, Sun City, released in 1978.