Cover Title Artistsort icon Date Recording Type
Strawberry Bricks Entry Circus Argent 1975 Studio
Counterpoints Argent 1976 Studio
In Concert Argent 1995 Live
Winter Songs Art Bears 1979 Studio
The World As It Is Today Art Bears 1981 Studio
Hopes And Fears Art Bears : Chris Cutler , Fred Frith , Dagmar Krause 1978 Studio
Dance Arthur Brown 1974 Studio
Chisholm In My Bosom Arthur Brown 1977 Studio
Strawberry Bricks Entry Faster Than The Speed Of Light Arthur Brown / Vincent Crane 1980 Studio
Strawberry Bricks Entry Galactic Zoo Dossier Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come 1971-10 Studio
Strawberry Bricks Entry Journey Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come 1973-04 Studio
The Lost Ears Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come 1976 Compilation
Strawberry Bricks Entry Tilt - Immagini Per Un Orecchio Arti & Mestieri 1974-04-10 Studio
Giro Di Valzer Per Domani Arti & Mestieri 1975 Studio
Quinto Stato Arti & Mestieri 1979 Studio
Articollezione Arti & Mestieri 2001 Compilation
Murales Arti & Mestieri 2001 Reunion
Arzachel Arzachel 1970 Studio
Ash Ra Tempel Ash Ra Tempel 1971 Studio
Schwingungen Ash Ra Tempel 1972 Studio
Join Inn Ash Ra Tempel 1973 Studio
Strawberry Bricks Entry Starring Rosi Ash Ra Tempel 1973 Studio
Le Berceau De Cristal Ash Ra Tempel 1994 Studio
The Private Tapes Vol. 1 Ash Ra Tempel / Ashra / Manuel Göttsching 1996 Compilation
The Private Tapes Vol. 2 Ash Ra Tempel / Ashra / Manuel Göttsching 1996 Compilation